Another Gaming comic… down?


So… kindof exploded…

…or was hacked, and/or Namecheap is incompetent, I don’t know. But that website is of the non-working variety now. I had a very stressful night, learning all my backups were missing the newest 20-40% of the comic, somehow. BUT one of my old computers did have the whole thing, the files were saved, AGC will continue to exist.

…It’s just going to have to take a break for a few months because I was already super-busy between #OperationAwesomeUnemployment and wrapping up my project at my old job. In August 2019, I’ll finally have “time” to re-evaluate, figure out how exactly I’m going to put it up (probably right here on via Squarespace) - find a widget or whatever, but no matter what I’m likely to have to spend a bunch of time messing around because the format throughout AGC’s run is all over the board, and the later ones are full of flash-based mouseover extras that have to be shown somehow, etc.

In the meantime, please thank my Patreon patrons for the fact that in a couple months I WILL have the time to handle this, and also to start cranking out TDDC faster.

Thanks for sticking around!

- Demonac