The Organization is growing...

Prepping The Organization for upcoming TDDC Episode 38 (image may not be final)

Prepping The Organization for upcoming TDDC Episode 38 (image may not be final)

My Patreon doesn't have a lot of rewards.

It feels lame, I would like to do more, but at the same time I try to be upfront about it - when I spend time on videos or other content, I want to make those things for *everyone*, because youtube and tumblr and other social media make that possible. It already takes me too long to make videos (what with the full time job), and I find it hard to justify spending time on *not-videos*. I mean, even if you are one of the many people generously supporting me, whether for $1/month, $5, or more (in some cases a LOT more), the main thing you want is more Tales From My D&D Campaign, and possibly more TDDC Extras, TDDC Legends, etc. So I've avoided promising rewards which would take too much time away from that.

At the same time, though, I needed to find SOMETHING to recognize people who wanted to (and were fortunate enough to be in a position to afford to) contribute far more than that, even if only for a month or two. The best thing I could come up with was to let these patrons put their mark permanently on one or more episodes of Tales From My D&D Campaign. Now, just adding names to a list wouldn't be very rewarding (from my point of view, maybe for some people that's enough), but the compromise I spent up with was to let each patron customize an avatar to represent them. The basics are laid out in such a way that I don't have to spend much time "arting", which also gives them a certain common design aesthetic, but people request the colors, faces, weapons and little custom elements they want, and also pick the name they want to represent them.

I set this level at $25/month to make sure that I wouldn't be flooded (and spoiler, if a member of The Organization contributes at this level for multiple months, it doesn't make any extra work cause their avatar's already done!), so again, it's really meant as a recognition of generosity more than a reward that is "worth" the money, whatever that means. So I am genuinely humbled by the number of people who have come forward to join The Organization for even 1 month, let alone the longer-term members!

I am definitely going to make a proper Patreon section on in the future, where I can, among other things, display all the avatars of the current and past memebers of The Organization, but unlike when I make, I'm not sick with the flu anymore, which means I really need to finish this damned episode (and make the next one faster). Thanks again, and hopefully #38 and will be out soon... I'm still dreaming of having #39 out by the end of 2016 (since I had to split what would have been a GIGANTIC episode 38).


D&D Dungeonmaster and Storyteller

Long, long ago, I created Another Gaming Comic, the world's ugliest webcomic. After about a 10 year run the writer's block piled up and I couldn't continue it. I don't want to call it dead - there was more to tell - but I also don't have time to go back and getting it going again would be hard.

I also created text-based D&D Excerpts, from some campaigns where I was a player (the first one was INSANE and hilarious). But by the third "season" of D&D Excerpts, that was a game where I was the GM, which meant I had GM notes, and it really changed the flavor. 

Then, I experimented with doing those same excerpts on youtube, and Tales From My D&D Campaign was born...