Pointing you to a weird and artistic comic

If you follow my work, clearly you aren't put off by art, as long as the story is good. However, if you actually DO like art and have just been putting up with my various works despite that, there's a very artistic comic with a lot of charm and weirdness called which I've been following. Dark Science is a huge story-and-art project by Aaron Diaz (www.DresdenCodak.com). Though technically continuing the adventures of his cybernetic protagonist, Kimiko Ross, it's a thoroughly standalone work not requiring any familiarity with the previous story. Don't take the first couple strips too seriously, it really starts in #03 with the train ride to the mysterious city of Nephilopolis, and if you give it a chance, I think you'll very quickly be sucked in by the imaginative visuals, the odd characters, society and mystery, or all of the above.

Check it out!

I would argue the story really starts at #03, but that's just me...

I would argue the story really starts at #03, but that's just me...


D&D Dungeonmaster and Storyteller

Long, long ago, I created Another Gaming Comic, the world's ugliest webcomic. After about a 10 year run the writer's block piled up and I couldn't continue it. I don't want to call it dead - there was more to tell - but I also don't have time to go back and getting it going again would be hard.

I also created text-based D&D Excerpts, from some campaigns where I was a player (the first one was INSANE and hilarious). But by the third "season" of D&D Excerpts, that was a game where I was the GM, which meant I had GM notes, and it really changed the flavor. 

Then, I experimented with doing those same excerpts on youtube, and Tales From My D&D Campaign was born...