Tales From My D&D Campaign #40 - FINALLY!

It's the conclusion to "Season 2" [the unofficial "season" started in Episode 27]! Does the Facility survive? Do all the heroes? And What IS Polaron's "most powerful unit"??? All will be answered...

This one was a crazy journey to make. I mean, it was a crazy period in the game (parts of this episode took place over 3 game sessions, and I had to go through about 10 hours of audio to boil it down). Even before that, I had been working on a new piece of music that I'm VERY happy with, and which I think I integrated pretty well (at least in key places).

It took about 1.5 times as long as the "modern" TDDC episodes (the half-hour-ish ones), but I suppose that's reasonable since it's about 45 minutes WITHOUT the intro/outro/etc. At a full runtime of 48 minutes, that's as long as a "hour-long" show on cable. Whatever the hell cable is or was. I think he buddies up with Deadpool in his sequel.

The next "major" video on my channel will probably not be episode #41. I'm going to do a little something different before starting up the next TDDC arc - I'm hoping to do another Legends Video, exploring different art styles. It's not going to be LittleOne's Mother - I have another story I want to tell (and/or practice on) before attempting that steep learning curve of a Legend. I also have another project I want to put some time in on, whether or not it actually produces anything in the next two months. Hopefully I'll get some of the pre-work done on #41 during this period as well, because I'm going to need some new art "sprites", and other junk going forward.

But anyway, I hope you all enjoy the huge episode! Animated backgrounds are such a pain...

And thanks again to my SUPER generous (and awesome and patient) patroen patrons for supporting my channel and paying for the tools I use to do the job!


D&D Dungeonmaster and Storyteller

Long, long ago, I created Another Gaming Comic, the world's ugliest webcomic. After about a 10 year run the writer's block piled up and I couldn't continue it. I don't want to call it dead - there was more to tell - but I also don't have time to go back and getting it going again would be hard.

I also created text-based D&D Excerpts, from some campaigns where I was a player (the first one was INSANE and hilarious). But by the third "season" of D&D Excerpts, that was a game where I was the GM, which meant I had GM notes, and it really changed the flavor. 

Then, I experimented with doing those same excerpts on youtube, and Tales From My D&D Campaign was born...