Remembering: Another Gaming Comic


Many years ago, at my crappy retail job, I saw a comic called Knights of the Dinner Table. The art was rudimentary, and very copy-and-paste - 75% of panels were just the same shot of 5 gamers sitting at the table, with minor variations, as they played D&D. And I thought, that's so cool... and also... something I could probably do.

And so I created Another Gaming Comic, hosted on some webserver space Quill18 had lying around. I thought I could do "slightly better" than KotDT by alternating between two sides of the same table, instead of the abstraction where they all sat on the same side. Or at least partially make up for my inferior character art in that way - and my art WAS inferior. KotDT is no picasso, but I was LITERALLY drawing and lettering in Paint.exe, making scripts I scribbled on the bus back and forth from work. But I did have a slightly different take than Knights of the Dinner Table, and I set out to make something.

The "art" existed because a comic could trick people into giving it a chance, where a literal wall of text would be ignored. Those who did start reading it found it spiralled into denser and denser text, and the updates (once FIVE DAYS A WEEK) slowed down, then slowed down again, until after about a year it was down to one a week. Eventually the art got revampred to something less actively offensive, but by the time I stopped making AGC, ten years after I started, a surprising number of people had read it, and binged it, and in the 10 years it has been on hiatus, I've recieved so many emails pleading for it to come back. It even has its own TvTropes page!

Nowadays, my time and energy is spent on my video series, Tales From My D&D Campaign, but I still have hope that I could return to the world of AGC in some format, and bring some closure to my original D&D tales... IT'S ALIVE!

Yes, It's just like all that other crap I have online (spread over 2-and-a-half youtube channels, plus Twitter, Tumblr, and my OLD old website), but now in one convenient package.

Use the LATEST tab to see the latest videos in my various series (hopefully autoupdated...), plus I can collect other weird stuff you might have missed, or highlight any weird new stuff that I try.

In particular, if you found me through TDDC, you may enjoy my old (and currently on a 10+ year hiatus) webcomic, Another Gaming Comic. It makes the art from TDDC look like goddamned Pixar, but the copy-and-paste characters were just there to sucker people into reading the kind of convoluted D&D content you've come to expect from me.

Thanks to all of you for your support, especially my generous Patreon patrons, and I hope this makes it easier for you guys to keep up!