TDDC Episode 50: Wednesday 2019-08-21 @ 2300 GMT

#TDDC Episode 50 premieres in 24 hours! First episode since my patreon patrons made it possible to quit my job and do this full time! Hype.

Technically I haven’t processed let alone uploaded it yet, but I’m almost ready to do that junk, so I’m on schedule to release this 40 MINUTE episode Wednesday, 2019-08-21 at 7pm EDT (2300 GMT)


Legends: The Red Sash is out!

Journey to Korstraad, more than 1000 years before the events of Tales From My D&D Campaign, for a Legend about two men - Devonus and Hinzay - which is integral to the history of the world... Also there's a pretty neat duel.

The long, LONG awaited Legends video is here! Along with:

A huge Extras/Epilogue/Prologue thing that shows you how these events really fit into the history of the world:

And the Patreon Question and Answers video (normally included in the Extras, but this time it was split off for length, and to preserve the tone of the Epilogue):