My Patreon rewards are admittedly relatively limited; I still have a full-time job, which eats a lot of my time, such that I don't want to commit to things that would take even more time away from making Tales From My D&D Campaign and other videos.

That said, I've tried to put together a few rewards for all my generous supporters - I see these less as a transaction, more just as a Thank You for being willing to put your hard-earned money towards helping me with software/hardware and other costs of my creative endeavors, allowing me to turn around and put all my content on youtube, for everyone, for free!

Patreon is a website that allows you to support creators directly by pledging monthly donations - you can cancel at any time!

Don't like Patreon or don't like monthly commitments? You can support me and TDDC with a one-time donation here:
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Patreon Reward Tiers:

Player Characters - Pledge $1 or more per month

  • Download MP3s of 4 of the better music tracks from TDDC
  • Watch an embarrassing rejected video from before TDDC
  • Get Extras videos about a week early, and your feedback might be incorporated into the final video!

Join at the $1/month level



  • All of the above benefits (obviously)
  • As a tiny additional Thank You for your extra generosity, get a downloadable PDF of Infinite Hall; a short Fantasy Novella by Demonac!
    • Originally written for a highschool creative writing class (5 times as long as the project was supposed to be)
    • Re-edited and expanded to over 50,000 words 10 years later, but still prior to TDDC
    • Get a peek into my fantasy ideas from 20 years ago, and see if some of them may have influenced the world and the storytelling of TDDC...

Join at the $4/month level



  • You don't want commitments, you just want the loot!
  • Purchase the downloadable PDF of Infinite Hall; a short Fantasy Novella by Demonac (a little over 50,000 words)
  • None of the other Patreon benefits

Purchase the PDF digital download HERE for $3.99 USD



  • All of the above benefits (obviously)
  • As a small additional Thank You for your MASSIVE generosity, you will be personally thanked onscreen in the credits of the next #TDDC episode (even if no episode is released in the last month that your $25+ payment is processed).
  • You'll appear as a customized Cloaked Figure avatar (similar to Angel and Mora) under a name of your choice.
  • I will send you high resolution (3000x3000 px) image files of your avatar to use however you see fit.
  • You will need to SEND ME AN EMAIL with the information required for your Credits appearance (More details at the link below): 

Join at the $25/month level

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