Sunday Morning Heroes livestreams Sundays from 8-11 AM, EST/EDT

The stream airs at a European-friendly 8:00 am Eastern Daylight Time (-0400 UTC) -- that's 13.00 BST, 14.00 CEST, and 5:00am Pacific! [See the current time for our players here]


5th Edition D&D (aka "D&D Next", but nobody calls it that) encourages players and Game Masters to work together to change the flavor/special effects of spells and other character abilities in order to make more fun/interesting/exciting story and personalities. In addition, we customize the Sunday Morning Heroes campaign in a number of ways, including:

Rule of Cool: If it's awesome, the player should be able to attempt it. Players are encouraged to come up with cool uses for their skills -- the PHB's options are just a starting point. That's why the gods invented d20s. However, the gods also invented 1's. (Critical Fails are dumb, but Critical Embarrassing Outcomes are awesome.)

Rule of Speed: Getting a rule mostly right *now* is more important then getting a rule exactly right after 5 minutes of checking the manuals.

Frequent, but limited Inspiratation: Players are encouraged to nominate each other for Inspiration when something awesome happens, but usually we only have one active inspiration at a time. You are encouraged to use it as soon as possible, rather than save it up.

Feats are Awesome: We are a 3-player party diving into an adventure meant for 4-5 characters. The characters all get to start with an extra Feat. It's easier to empower characters than to nerf every single pre-generated encounter. Also, the feats help to flesh out the character concepts (like the Healer feat for Lisan and Tavern Brawler for Erik. Tau is Lucky because Quill sucks at dice rolls.)


SMH Character Intros and Week 1 Highlights!

If you miss the stream, you can catch up on any of our youtube channels. I recommend mine:

Watch us battle Orcs, Undead, Orcs, other things, and even Orcs! (Tau and Lisan do not like Orcs)