Apr 23 - Chance of D&D 0% [Ludum Dare]

3 times a year (or something), Quill takes part in a 48-hour "mage a game" programming competition, which he livestreams for most of that time [other than the sleeping part]. Check it on Twitch starting Friday between 6 and 7pm EDT: twitch.tv/quill18



D&D Dungeonmaster and Storyteller

Long, long ago, I created Another Gaming Comic, the world's ugliest webcomic. After about a 10 year run the writer's block piled up and I couldn't continue it. I don't want to call it dead - there was more to tell - but I also don't have time to go back and getting it going again would be hard.

I also created text-based D&D Excerpts, from some campaigns where I was a player (the first one was INSANE and hilarious). But by the third "season" of D&D Excerpts, that was a game where I was the GM, which meant I had GM notes, and it really changed the flavor. 

Then, I experimented with doing those same excerpts on youtube, and Tales From My D&D Campaign was born...